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Sustainable Period Project

The Sustainable Period Project aims to increase access to reusable period products, thereby decreasing the financial and environmental burden of menstruation on students, faculty, and staff.

Funded by the Student Sustainability Coalition’s Planet Blue Student Initiative Fund and Central Student Government, the Sustainable Period Project pilot will continue through 2021-22 academic year.

Visit the Maize and Blue Cupboard or University Health Service to obtain free menstrual cups, sustainable underwear (including boxer briefs) and pads. We ask you to please take one item on your first visit, then come back if you need extra support or want to try another product.

  • The June cup is a reusable menstrual cup that replaces disposable tampons or pads. Made of medical-grade silicon and offered in different sizes, the June cup can last up to 5 years. Visit their website for information on sizing, how to use the cup and more.
  • The Aisle period line provides sustainable, comfortable products that replace disposable tampons or pads. Visit their website for information on sizing and how to use the product.

Can’t find an Aisle product in your size or looking for a different style? Apply for a voucher and you’ll recieve credit to purchase the right Aisle product for you. Voucher supplies are limited.

Questions? Contact us at