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Planet Blue Student Leaders

Planet Blue Student Leaders (PBSLs) work in Student Life as part-time peer educators to promote sustainable living behaviors on campus.

Throughout the year, PBSLs participate in weekly cohort-based dialogues and workshops to develop leadership skills, and design and implement year-long sustainable behavior change campaigns. You can learn more about what the PBSLs are working on by checking out their guest posts on the Planet Blue Ambassador blog and tuning in to The PBSL Podcast, a bi-weekly conversation about all things student sustainability. If you have any sustainability questions, big or small, you can reach out to the PBSL team at

Read PBSL's 2022-23 annual report.

Learn about past PBSL Cohort's projects:

  • Reducing Perishable Food Waste in Student Off-Campus Housing
  • Improving Energy Conservation in Residence Hall Laundry Rooms
  • Decreasing the Water Footprint of Student Organization Merchandise
  • Reducing Compost Contamination in Residence Halls
  • Water bottle beauty pageant: a campaign to express yourself and reduce single-use plastic consumption through competitive water bottle decorating
  • Mythbusting recycling: a campaign to reduce recycling contamination in off-campus housing
  • Turn it down one degree: a campaign to save money and energy in student housing
  • Second-hand when you can: a campaign to reduce environmental harm from fast fashion
  • Carbon Neutrality Trivia Night
  • WasteLESS Dinner and Panel Discussion: a meal and community conversation about food waste