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Climate Action

U-M committed to university-wide carbon neutrality in May 2021. Previously, in 2011, the Ann Arbor campus established climate action goals for 2025 that focus on pursuing energy efficiency and fiscally-responsible energy sourcing strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2025 Goal

Reduce U-M greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent below 2006 levels.

Status: Achieved

The Ann Arbor campus achieved its 25% emissions reduction goal in 2022—three years ahead of schedule. Follow progress on university-wide carbon neutrality efforts on this dashboard.

2025 Goal

Decrease vehicle carbon output per passenger trip by 30 percent below 2006 levels.


0% reduction in vehicle carbon output per passenger trip due to pandemic impact

Other Highlights

Renewable energy purchase

More than one-third of the purchased electricity for the Ann Arbor campus comes from Michigan-sourced wind energy. U-M is developing a contract to purchase the remainder of universitywide electricity from renewable sources to achieve carbon neutrality for Scope 2 emissions by 2025.

Energy conservation measures

Energy conservation measures, building tune-ups, and other efforts have, as of FY22, produced a 22% reduction in energy consumption in General Fund buildings despite a 20% increase in building area since FY06.

Electric buses

U-M purchased four electric buses in 2023, plus another four to be delivered in 2024.

This goal data reflects temporary pandemic-related impacts and may not accurately convey the overall trajectory of progress.

For more information about U-M’s sustainability goals, visit the Office of Campus Sustainability.