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Climate & Energy

Climate change is the issue of our time, and combating the climate crisis is global society’s greatest current challenge. A number of technological, business, and policy hurdles must be overcome to ensure the future vitality of both the natural and built environments.

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Addressing a Looming Crisis

The University of Michigan is leading research, analyzing new technologies, and convening and expanding programs and partnerships around critical topics pertaining to climate and energy.

Empowering Progress

From assessing climate resilience strategies for the Great Lakes region to spearheading progress in alternative and renewable fuel sources, U-M researchers are working to elevate clean, sustainable, and equitable solutions across an array of disciplines. Some of our key initiatives in climate and energy include: the President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality, the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments Program, the Global CO2 Initiative, and the Urban Energy Justice Lab (UEJ). Find U-M experts in sustainability and environmental science, across fields and academic units.

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