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Public Health Interventions

Extreme weather events, global pandemics, gaps in infrastructure, and other environmental determinants of health manifest differently; often harming historically discriminated communities and those with the least ability to respond adequately. U-M experts, representing an array of fields, are working to identify and pursue interventions that put justice, public health, and environmental wellbeing at the center. Initiatives like the Michigan Center on Lifestage Environmental Exposures and Disease and the Center for Local, State and Urban Policy are leading new approaches alongside local partners.

News and Impact

Earth Month
Earth Month puts focus on U-M sustainability efforts
David Hovord, assistant professor of anesthesiology and one of the project leads for the Green Anesthesia Initiative, is shown in an operating room with an anesthesia machine in the background. (Photo courtesy of Michigan Medicine)
Michigan Medicine reducing anesthesia-related emissions
Rice bags
US rice exported to Haiti may be harmful to health
a thermometer on fire
2023 warmest year on record
After opening access door and entering the hole in the wall to reach the water supply line behind the water fountain, Nancy Love collects a water sample. Image credit: Marcin Szczepanski, Michigan Engineering
Building Flint’s trust in its drinking water
Catherine Hausman
Air pollution a long-term risk for low-income countries' prosperity
city skyline illustration
Identifying air pollution sources in Southwest Detroit
farm animals
Michigan's PBB contamination: 50 years later
physicians at work
Medical plastics recycling initiative ramps up at U-M Health
Michigan Medicine’s Department of Anesthesiology launched a new initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize its impact on climate change in 2022, and initial results have become available.
Green Anesthesia Initiative quickly shows progress
a drawing of a school bus with various states of pollution
Upgraded school buses linked to increased student attendance
BlueConduit homepage top image
U-M startup joins White House partnership to remove lead pipes
The University of Michigan biodiversity study was conducted at 14 winter squash farms across the state. European honeybees and wild native bees help pollinate the squash flowers. A diverse array of native bees were found in the fields and along the field edges. Image credit: Michelle Fearon
Michigan bee study: Both habitat quality and biodiversity can impact bee health
SEAS grad student Jaron Rothkop and Drew FitzGerald stand next to a Water Box at the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village in Flint, MI.
SEAS graduate student's project brings clean water to struggling communities
Illegal dumping in a vacant lot
$2.2M grant to increase understanding of the relationship between illegal dumping and community violence
stock clipart image of urban pollution
Air pollution tips the scale for obesity in women
Isabella Shehab
Examining the effects of flooding on Detroit residents' mental health
With the addition of a murine-derived biocatalyst (green), this engineered protein can add a fluoride atom to create macrolide analogs (structure, right). This approach offers a greener, more efficient method for creating new antibiotics. Image courtesy: Martin Grininger and Rajani Arora
Scientists develop greener, more efficient method for producing next-generation antibiotics
Image Credit: Jeff Schmaltz at NASA GSFC
University of Michigan partners on multi-institution planning effort for state’s water future
Map showing targeted survey areas in green. Blue pins are federally-recognized Native American tribes. Red pins are Kellogg project areas. Image courtesy: Kate Bauer
U-M, Farm Bureau working together to reduce hunger in Michigan
an apple orchard
Michigan Farmworker Project seeks to improve social and environmental health for marginalized population
blood pressure illustration
Forever chemicals linked to hypertension in middle-aged women
a groundwater tap
New report addresses groundwater reform and management in Michigan
a pregnant person
Exposure to chemicals increased in pregnant women in the last decade, study suggests
Hand holding petri dish
High concentrations of PFAS in blood may be linked to higher diabetes in middle-aged women
icons superimposed over a cityscape
Lack of information related to pollution exposure key issue for low-income households
a child playing with plastic toys
In this season of giving, watch out for harmful chemicals in plastic toys
Lexi Frank with drawers of desert cottontail (Sylvilagus audubonii) specimens from California. Image: Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography.
How museum collections can enhance public health