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Environmental Politics

Though there is broad consensus in academic circles around climate science and the potential effects of the looming climate crisis, people carry different ideas around sustainability—often informed by their own political viewpoints. Across schools and disciplines, University of Michigan experts are examining the interplay between current political discourse, the regulatory framework, and various communities affected, and identifying common touch points facing different stakeholders.

News and Impact

COP26 logo
COP26 final outcome: U-Michigan experts available to comment
Barry Rabe
Rabe on Biden's climate challenges
Michigan state capitol
Municipal takeover in Michigan: A rational, apolitical response to financial distress, or something else?
Barry Rabe
Rabe salutes rare bipartisan climate cooperation, though less optimistic about future deals
a task force convening around a table
U-M task force launches with aim to help corporations act responsibly in politics and beyond
Kaitlin Raimi
Private sector action may be linchpin to conservative support on climate change
Barry Rabe
Rabe: Green Super PACs can have real influence in 2020 elections
Barry Rabe
Future presidential climate change actions are limited, Rabe argues
A stack of newspapers
Polarization of climate change news is no hoax
gray and maize concrete
How to promote sustainable decisions in polarized times
Illustration of Earth with a gavel and policy
Why business shouldn’t fear the Green New Deal
Illustration of a cloud with rain and a bolt of lightning
Perception of extreme weather processed through partisan lens