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Additional Ann Arbor Goals

As efforts toward university-wide carbon neutrality progress, U-M continues to work toward its 2025 Ann Arbor campus sustainability goals, established in 2011.

In FY22, U-M achieved its 25% greenhouse gas reduction goal three years ahead of schedule. Ongoing Ann Arbor commitments also pertain to fuel efficiency, waste reduction, healthy environments and community engagement.

Achieved Goals


reduction in greenhouse gas emissions—achieved in 2022


reduction in landscape chemical applications—achieved in 2019

Goal in Progress—Campus Transit


Reduction in carbon output per passenger trip (Target: 30% by 2025)

Goal in Progress—Waste Reduction


reduction in waste to landfill (Target: 40% by 2025)

Goal in Progress—Healthy Environments


sustainable food purchased (Target: 20% by 2025)

Goal in Progress—Community Engagement

U-M is investing in programs to educate our community, track behavior and report progress over time toward a campus-wide ethic of sustainability.