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U-M offers many resources that empower the community to put sustainability first—building on a long history of students and staff advancing campus sustainability efforts.

10,000+ Planet Blue Ambassadors

Resource Toolkit

The following tool brings together a number of resources available for U-M students, staff, faculty, and local community members seeking to advance sustainability in their day-to-day work and lives.

Trainings & Workshops

The Planet Blue Ambassador program is the entry point to sustainability at U-M for faculty, staff and students. The training covers university sustainability goals, progress to date, and opportunities for all community members to contribute. This training is available in a self-paced online format or live for groups and classes, in-person or virtually. Use this form to request a training.

Recommended time for group training: 60 minutes

This training is required for an event host to receive support from the Zero Waste Events Program.  Group trainings for your department or organization can be provided in person or virtually by request at

Recommended time for group training: 30 minutes

This training includes an overview of the campus compost program, guidance on how to set up your kitchenette for eliminating single-use disposables and identifying sustainable items available in mMarketplace, and a “Where to Throw” overview to help participants feel confident knowing which bin common items should be placed in. This training is typically required before a standard, full-size compost bin can be provided to a new area.  Contact to schedule.

Recommended time for training: 30-45 minutes

This training goes over which bin—recycling, landfill, or compost—is appropriate for various solid waste items on campus. It also provides a great opportunity to ask broader questions about campus waste. Group training can be in person or virtual. Contact to schedule.

Recommended time for training: 30-60 minutes, depending on Q&A. Prerecorded highlights (7.5 minutes) and a database for specific questions are also available.

This presentation covers best practices on hosting sustainable events, coveringfood ordering, venues, waste, energy usage and more. It can be conducted in person or virtually. Contact to schedule.

Recommended time for group training: 30-60 minutes

The Planet Blue Ambassador program and Office of Campus Sustainability periodically conduct a workshop covering purchasing recommendations, infrastructure and resources. Email to be notified the next time this workshop is offered.

This workshop covers self-care best practices and resources for sustainability and climate activists. It is best conducted in person so that participants can engage in a hands-on, tactile experience such as creating seed balls. Contact to schedule.

Recommended time for group training: 60 minutes