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Planet Blue Ambassador

Are you interested in campus sustainability? The Planet Blue Ambassador program is the entry point to sustainability at the University of Michigan. Our goal is to empower you with the information and resources you need to live, work, learn, and play sustainably at U-M.

Any U-M faculty member, staff, student, or alumnus can become an Ambassador by completing our introductory training. The training covers our campus sustainability goals, our progress on them to date, and how each of us can help contribute.

Once you complete the training, there is no required time commitment to be an Ambassador. That being said, we hope you will be inspired to lead by example and help others practice sustainable behaviors! All Ambassadors receive access to additional resources including our monthly e-newsletter and our blog, as well as events, workshops, tours, volunteer opportunities, and more.

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Please note: you need a University of Michigan email to access the online training, so send a note if you do not already have one.

Additional Resources

Sustainable Living Checklist

Interested in learning more about sustainable actions that you can take as a student at U-M? Look no further! This Sustainable Living Checklist is meant to help you assess your everyday habits and identify specific areas where you can minimize your environmental impact as you live, study, play, and grow at U-M.

Campus Sustainability Walking Tour

Interested in seeing and learning more about some of the sustainable features of our U-M campus? Download the ActionBound app on your phone or tablet, and then begin our Planet Blue Central Campus Sustainability Walking Tour.

Past Issues of the Planet Blue Ambassador Newsletter