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Social and Environmental Sustainability Grant

Student Sustainability Coalition-awarded funding of up to $2,500 for student projects that advance DEIJ or sustainability on campus.

Apply for up to $2,500 through the Social and Environmental Sustainability (SES) grant if you or your student organization is working on a small-scale project, event or initiative that addresses campus sustainability and enhances campus-wide student engagement with sustainability.  If you are unsure which SSC grant best suits your project please feel free to reach out via email or attend one of the grant information sessions linked below.


Grant information sessions

Applications are accepted during Fall and Winter Semester cycles.

  • Final application deadline for the 2023-24 academic year: April 7, 2024

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Winter 2024 application

Application Criteria
  • Increases environmental sustainability on the University of Michigan’s campus (examples include: improving energy efficiency, reducing consumption of single-use items, sourcing food grown with regenerative practices, etc.).
  • Increases social sustainability (DEI&J) on the University of Michigan’s campus (examples include: expanding access to fresh produce, increasing affordable housing options, fostering inclusion of diverse perspectives, etc.).
  • Application must be student-generated and student-driven.
  • Further considerations include: project durability, cross-collaborativeness, impact across multiple areas of sustainability, maximizing of impact.
  • Project provides a thorough, clear and realistic budget.
  • Project is descriptive with its implementation and completion.

Please note we do not award funding for compensating students’ time or budget items not justified as necessary.

Application Components
  1. Project Description (not to exceed three pages)

    • How much money you are requesting
    • What you plan to do with the money (include each expense separately)
    • How this action will enhance environmental and social sustainability
    • How you will assess the impact(s) of your action
    • A bullet point timeline over which you plan to design, implement, and assess your project/initiative/event
  2. Project Leadership

    • Please provide one paragraph describing the capabilities, role(s), and commitments of the person(s) involved in the initiative.
    • Please include which student organization or faculty or staff advisors you are working with or why doing so is not necessary for your project.