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Sustainability Honors Cord — Activities

To achieve an Excellence in Sustainability Honors Cord, students must accrue 10 points from the following activities. There is an option during the application process for sharing activities not on this list that may be an appropriate fit.

1 point activities:

  • Volunteered at the Maize and Blue Cupboard
  • Volunteered at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and/or the Nichols Arboretum
  • Volunteered in a sustainability-related activity with the Ginsberg Center
  • Volunteered at the Campus Farm
  • Attended a sustainability conference or event (Earthfest, Harvestfest, etc.)
  • Participated on the Earthfest Planning Committee
  • Participated in PiTE Club’s No Impact Challenge
  • Completed the introductory training program to become a Planet Blue Ambassador
  • Member (for one academic year) of a sustainability-related student organization
  • Created or organized a sustainability program or event
  • Participated in the PITE Honors Thesis program
  • Completed the Sustainable Living Checklist

3 point activities:

  • Member of the Barger Leadership institute
  • Held a leadership position (for one academic year) for a sustainability-related student organization
  • Served on the RHA SHADE board for one semester or more
  • Worked as a staff member at the Maize and Blue cupboard (minimum one semester)
  • Served as a farm crew member at the Campus Farm
  • Participated in research or coursework at the Biological Station or the Camp Davis Rocky Mountain Field Station
  • Completed a study abroad program focused on a sustainability theme for an academic semester or over the summer
  • Completed a sustainability-related course (for students not completing a sustainability major or minor)
  • Received LEED GA sustainability certificate
  • Complete Program in Sustainable Engineering (PISE)
  • Participated in sustainability outreach, working as a (paid) docent at the U-M Museum of Natural History for at least one academic year

5 point activities:

  • Worked as a member of the Campus Farm Management Team for one or more academic years
  • Served as a Sustainable Living Experience Peer Mentor
  • Member of the Sustainable Living Experience program
  • Completed a minor with a clear sustainability emphasis
  • Participated in paid research or research done for academic credit at a U-M school investigating a sustainability-related question
  • Completed a sustainability-related internship with Student Life, MDining, the Office of Campus Sustainability, the UM campus farm, the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, or the Graham Sustainability institute
  • Participated in the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars program
  • Participated in the Innovation for Impact: Climate Change program

7 point activities:

  • Completed a major with a clear sustainability emphasis built into the core curriculum
  • Served as a Planet Blue Student Leader
  • Served on the University of Michigan Sustainable Food Program Leadership Team
  • Served on the Student Sustainability Coalition team
  • Completed the Graham Sustainability Scholars or Dow Fellows program
  • Completed the Erb Undergraduate Fellowship program