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Sustainability Honors Cord

The Excellence in Sustainability Honors Cord program is designed to recognize students who went above and beyond to advance their knowledge, skills, and practice of sustainability ethics while studying at U-M.

The acceptance to the Excellence in Sustainability Honors Cord program will allow students to:

  • Receive an Excellence in Sustainability Honors Cord for graduation
  • Join an exclusive alumni LinkedIn Network
  • The opportunity to be part of a sustainability spotlight series


To be accepted into the Excellence in Sustainability Honors Cord program, students must participate in a variety of sustainability activities, programs, internships, jobs, or academic studies to encourage multi-disciplinary learning. Students must accrue at least 10 points from a list of possible activities. This list is regularly updated but is not comprehensive. Additional items that are not listed may be submitted during the application process.

If you represent a school, department, or program and would like an activity to be listed, please contact

Sustainability honors cord logo: a tree surrounded by a cord circle on a light green background

How To Apply

Interested students can apply up to a year in advance of their expected graduation. Application deadlines for the 2023-24 academic year:

  • Winter Commencement deadline: November 17, 2023. Cord pickup will be scheduled for the second week of December on the Ann Arbor campus.
  • Spring Commencement deadline: April 7, 2024. Cord pickup will be scheduled for the last week of April on the Ann Arbor campus.

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